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Forum week 3

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Elena Iarkova

Our project's stakeholders are:1. Students-participants of the poject,2. Instructors, teaching and consulting, 3. The project' s coordinators, 4. The companies, for which students will be making business proposals and developing business plans, 5.The companies customers, who will eventually benefit from new products launch, 6. The Universities Administration and the Departments Deans/bosses, who will get appreciation letters, 7. The students parents, who will be proud of their children developing  useful skills and gaining new experience, 8. The University International Business teachers, who will be consulting students in Russian,9.The project's organizers, who will be involved in  the scientific research on the basis of the project's outcomes.10.Future employers of the students, the companies, where they are going to put their project's experience into practice.

Possible risks are: 1. Pre-training test failure (M), 2. Lack of self-discipline/ missing deadlines,3. Lack of initiative/ leadership skills,4. Technical problems, 5.Inability to work in a team on-line,6. Loss of motivation to continue the project, 7. Dropping out of the project, 8. Lack of foreign language skills to edit the project's final report, 9. Lack of professional knowledge (International Business), 10.Inability to deal with modern communication tools on-line.

 Measures to be taken to reduce risks: 1.Motivating the participants to devote enough time to the project,  2. Communicating with the participants on a regular basis consulting, supporting, clarifying, encouraging, organizing etc,3. Arranging regular meetings to hear the feedback and solve possible problems, 4.Testing on-line communication tools in advance (opening accounts, wiki, starting skype and chat), 5. Thorough planning othe course related to the project, 6. Collecting teaching materials connected with the project's assignments,7. Keeping a diary of events following time management guidelines, 8.providing students with additional reading materials related to the project's tasks,8.Teaching students Business Communication techniques,9.Arranging team-building events, 10. Staying in contact with some important stakeholders.

In my opinion, the difference between outcomes and output is the following: outcomes are results and consequences of the project work. In our case these will be business plans and business proposals, the students  professional experience of networking and collaborating in teams, their new contacts with foreign students. The output will be the number of students completing the project and gettiing international certificates.



Cristina Reboredo


Stakeholders are people or organizations that are affected directly by the Project.  They can see it as something positive that can benefit them in their daily duties;  as something that can produce not desired changes in their routines or they can be indifferent to changes or results.  Thus, stakeholders can be Project supporters but they might also challenge it.
In this Project there are stakeholders with different roles.  To start with, the Primary School Section Head would be one because I need his support for the changes that I want to introduce in the English Department.  This will also let me manage the Project with enough authority to face risks successfully.
A second group of stakeholders are the twelve teachers in the English Department.  They will be the Project engine.  They will carry on research, change teaching methods, design or adapt tasks, choose new materials and so on.  They will be enthusiastic and supportive in different degrees ; this means that not  all of them will welcome the Project goals so that some risks should be foreseen.
In the mid-term, learners and parents will also be stakeholders in this Project given that it is a means to make teaching more efficient and to enhance learners┬┤ oral skills development. So that, the whole learning community will benefit as far as the Project is successful.

The principal risk of my Project, and of the highest possible impact too, is the lack of support from the teachers.  It is likely that some of them will refuse participation in the project given that they have been very comfortable using the same methods and materials for some time so that they might object any change.
Among the twelve teachers, there are people with different degrees of training; this is to say that about the 50% are graduate teachers but the rest, either they are teacher training courses students or they have achieved some kind of certification accepted by argentine regulations to teach in schools.  Consequently, the interest in the project will be varied as well as support and active participation.

In order to reduce the risk impact these action are to be taken:

Encouragement and support by providing teachers with ideas, examples, etc.
Create a close Facebook group in order to share bibliography, links, etc.
Create a wiki for teachers to share class materials.
Assess their work and give feedback and encouragement on their achievements.

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maciss03@... said

at 1:17 pm on Jan 29, 2014

Hi Andy!

I sent you an email about my project but until now there is no feedback.
I'd like to know if you have received it or not.

I am waiting for an answer

Best regards!
Mamadou Ciss

Sarah Hillyard said

at 6:26 pm on Feb 2, 2014

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