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Forum week 4

Page history last edited by Elena 10 years, 4 months ago

Elena Iarkova

It is really important to monitor and evaluate the students performance in the project to be able to introduce changes and ammendments in time. I will try to answer 5 questions, mentioned in the second video.

1. What will be evaluated?

1) Students involvement in the project: a) their contacts established on-line,2)their knowledge of key terminology and International Business issues, related to different project's stages in English, 3) their business proposals written and submitted in time.

2. Who will be responsible for evaluating?

1) I, as the Instructor, will be evaluating the students work, 2) Their peers, other participants of the project will be involved in self-assessment.

3.When?  The participants will be evaluated weekly during 2 months from the 1st  of March till the 28th of April.

4. How? 1)The participants will submit weekly reports filling in particular tables on-line, 2) They will also have regular feedback meetings with the Instructor. 3) The Instructor will complete Report Evaluation Matrix forms using a combination of grading styles (pass or failure, from 0-100 for the quality).

5. Students will be awarded certificates on the basis of their evaluation, they will also get their University semester grades, the best winning teams will be selected as well.

As for monitoring the project's activities in advance, I believe, I will have to replan the whole course of Professional Business English so that I and my students will be able to focus on the main issues covered by the project, I will also need to replicate the project's tasks in order to involve all students into project work. Thus, there will be some students participating in the international project on-line and other trainees developing their own project in class with similar assignments.


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