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Forum week 5

Page history last edited by Elena 10 years, 4 months ago

Dear Marina, Andy  Curtis and Andy Hockley,

thank you very much for devoting your time to teaching, consulting and motivating us to think about managing our projects. I believe, I need more time to develop and post my proposal, since my project is a part of another bigger international project, it doesn't require any funding yet. However, I am planning to put the experience, knowledge and skills I  hope to develop into some challenging project in future. Then I will follow your guidelines and advice in writing my proposal.

So far, my current project's action plan is the following: 1. Build up a team of students (20) to take part in X-Culture project, deadline - the 20th of February; 2. Register all the participants completing a special template, send the information to the project's coordinator, deadline - 22.02.2014;3. Pass a pre-training test, make sure the participants  are ready to pass the test as well, deadline-28.02.2014; 4. Redesign my LSP course to match it with the project's requirements, deadline -10.02.2014;5.Select all necessary teaching materials to prepare participants to carry out the project's assignments, deadline - 10.02.2014;6. Update the students knowledge about on-line communication tools (Google Docs, SKYPE, Doodle etc.) regularly within the project; 7.Start the project in time - 1.03.2014;8. Follow, monitor and supervise and evaluate the participants performance every week of the project from the 1.03 till the 28th of April;9.Plan, coordinate, match  and adjust the  activities of the project participants and other students taking part in my own LSP course during the project time;10. Make self-assessment and self-evaluation of the project's results, make a report at the conference.

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marina gonzalez said

at 10:27 am on Feb 15, 2014

Thanks Elena for your participation in this project of ours! We will keep the YG and sites open if you want to contact us. All the best to all of us! It has been a pleasure.

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